Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

Now you see my life is so much better

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I used to believe that true friend make no sense, but I was wrong. They're my true friends. Maulita & Monica. They taught me what a true friend defined.

I love you Cha.... thanks for anything. To be happy is a must for me. things that you need to know. Aku seneng kamu jadi roomateku. Kamu yang selalu ngingetin aku buat sholat 5 waktu, yang ngebangunin aku buat tahajud, ngajak puasa dan sahur bareng. Yang selalu ngajak aku buat optimis, yang selalu sebel kalau lihat aku cemberut. Kita harus sukses bareng.

Senior year should be a nice last year



And from that moment I swear... we're infinite :)