Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Euforia 13th Smandasa

Kyarrghhh how’s life? I miss blogging a lot. Anyway so many activities I have been through and high responsibilities I took, start from handling newsletter, marketing and communication, journalist, preparation education fair and others. Now, I would like to post about education fair, band festival and bazaar at my beloved school SMA N 10 Sampoerna Academy Malang. It was held on 18th of October, 2 days before School’s birthday. Those event also the part of our school’s birthday celebration.

As a Journalist, it has been my habit to cover various events inside or outside the school. Me and my partners, Pipods, Wence, Ayiks, Wicuks, Dhani, Mega,Mentari, Dayin, Liofellita, Chris did some interviews and covered those event. Guess what? We were so happy, because Radar Malang gave us chance to wrote some articles about Euforia 13th of Smandasa. How great and it was published on 20th october 2012. Exactly right on Smandasa’s birthday.

Back to the topic. Symphony of teen light was glorious, started at 07.30 AM and ended up at 16.00 PM along with the rain. Let's talk one by one about the events. First is, Education Fair. In this event, Smandasa invited several leading Universities like Binus, Ubaya, Untar, SSE, SSB and others to promote their programs to smandasa's students and another students from 55 schools were invited by Smandasa also.

Next, go to Band Festival. About 17 finalists join the competition and representatives from SMPK Colose Santo Yusuf successfully became the winner. No less thrill, smandasa's students also provide bazaars for the guests. There are some sponsors also from Buku Ceria and Smartfren modem. Well, I'm so proud with my cute besties Rosalia Citra Novianda as a chief executive who success made those events totally amazing :))

Here some photos we took.





And Happy 13th Smandasa,
selalu beri kita kenangan kenangan manis di setiap tahunnya ya :))

Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow ;)