Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Sweet EEP (:

Well, for those who are not Sampoerna Academy Students, I tell you that EEP is Extra English Program. Last wednesday were very sweet. Mr. Najib, teacher from Sampoerna School of Education asked us to write motivational quotes each others. Here I got:

"Hey Honey, usually life feel so difficult. But I know you're strong enough to face it" - Arina Lintang.

"Hey you're so great, then why you keep crying on your situation? while people keep screaming knowing how great you are. Smile girl, we love you" - Dhea Cyntia Monica.

"Beautiful girl, you know I love you so much. Keep smile and struggle with this life. I believe you will smile outside in the future with your children and your future family. Keep moving on my dear, you're awesome. Always remember me when we are together or not" - Levy, my twinny.

"Let them know who you are" - Anonymous, but this is my favorite one.

"Don't be too alay and lebay ya, hehe ^^v it looks like your power Nin, just keep it. Then what you need is, BELIEVE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN" - Anonymous.

"Learning is not about pretending, learning is about understanding" - M. Tito Aditya.

"Give the best of you, then you will get the best for you" - Anonymous.

"Nin, you have to happy inside happy outside" - Anonymous.

"Keep spirit and cheers. You can" - Anonymous.

"Don't fail in a same hole twice :D keep spirit" - Anonymous. No, I'll not (:

"Open flower will attract more bees" - Anonymous.

"Hai Nin, you have something special inside you. Just show it to everyone and let them know how your power" - Anonymous.

"Nin, colour your self with your beauty :D Be yourself" - Anonymous.

"Take the change or you will get nothing" - Anonymous.

"Give attention to any people who need your respect, they'll respect you back" - Anonymous.

"Nin, you're a nice girl. Keep on spirit, I know you can :)" - Anonymous.

"Keep dreaming :)" - Anonymous.

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