Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Bukan Aku

Aku bahkan hampir kehilangan waktu untuk membahagiakan diriku sendiri. Iya, rasanya ini bukan aku. Aku terlalu lama bersahabat dengan kesibukan, hingga membuatku merasa nyaman dengan zona ketidaknyamanan ini.

Dear May, Idk why it's going to be worst each day. It should be a great month for me. But the beginning give a bad sign. Dear Mommy sorry for lil bit away from you, really sorry. Perhaps I'm just too egoist. I try so hard take a focus on my projects so that it will be well-managed. Sorry for never call you or send you a text lately. Sorry for not asking how are you now, sorry for not say that I'm fine. Oh yes absolutely I'm fine mom. I'm fine, I'm just not happy :')

Dear Dad. Thank you for the monthly cash you gave to me last saturday. I feel so bad to not able being a good daughter for you. I'm only come to you when I need you. I never have awareness to asking how was your condition now.

Dear Best friends, sorry for being apathetic. We are not having an quality time to share each other. Perhaps it's not a right time. I'll kill all of my bustles as soon as I really hope.

I look up to the sky, it's only hurt my eyes. Maybe it's the answer I've been wanting in disguise.

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