Senin, 01 Juli 2013

When I Tell People I Want To Be Journalist

Holidays will end soon (for Sampoerna Academy Students), I spent this afternoon by having a quality time with my sister. We're talking about our family, reminiscing every single joy and sorrow in it. By the way, like what I love to say "time goes so fast". All of us getting older now, I'm officially 12 grader, my sister already have her first son while my brother got married last march and now his wife is pregnant. Waow, my parents should be happy :))

When I had english class several days before my school held Final Exam Semester on eleven grader, I asked to my lovable teacher Miss Dyah Royani, "Miss, why does time goes so fast?" She answered, "Good, it is means that you're happy". Waw, yeah I know. But, sometimes I still have unbelievable feeling realizing I'll touch the end of high school soon. So how about my continuation of life next year? where I have to set my foot in college?

Every time my family and my friend ask me about where will I go when I graduate from high school later? I don't know what I have to go about my destination. Confession kills me to choose between UI, UGM, Unpad or Unair. The skepticism comes, force me to choose the right faculty for me, whether it about accounting, economy business or management. They are between the lines.

I have many dreams, my mom said there's no wrong by wanting something more. Despite my first dream becoming a successful career woman, being a journalist is my small dream and it should be crystallized. I love writing cause when I was child, before I went to sleep my sister always told me a stories about fairytale, since that time I love creating a story about everything for my self and my friends till I was on Junior High School.

Entering Senior high school, I interested joining journalistic club. I started to write about many essays, articles and it is run well till now. I'm active in writing many news on school's website, newspaper and newsletter. I and 2 of my friends representing journalist club become journalist of marketing and communication of Sampoerna Academy Malang, I got position as writer coordinator of Yearbook Sampoerna Academy Malang this year and I've ever wrote things about my school on Malang Post and did several journalist vacation. I need to be realized that my experiences are still a little. That's way I wanted to develop my journalism career.

I set my passion in journalism when I becoming a colleger later. I want to have part time as a journalist inside my job as college student. Writing a lot of thing on public newspaper, magazine and be a great blogger. And the biggest reverie is about being a journalist of National Geography. Traveling around the world, take many photos for many great moments, enjoy the realm and feel the sense. 

Bitter sweet things being a school Journalist:

When I receive a bad complain about the article I wrote.
When I've done my article and realize I forgot to eat all day.
When I get mandate from school to make a good press release for the school's donors.
When I talk to those who think data journalism is not important.
When I work a late shift and it's completely dead.
When I pitch a good idea to write and my friends don't care.
When my non-journalist friend threw away the newspaper in a trash.
When I found many newsletter left by it's owner in any places without take care of it.
When my friends appreciated my effort :)

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