Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

How sweet my best friends ;;))

Hi world, I know that lives are fair, there will be a time when we are fly above seventh sky, and there will be a time also when we have to fall under well *Okay, I'm aware my words so excessive.

I just wanna say big thanks and thanks much for those who have write messages on my notebook's sticky notes, most of them write it when I got failed on mock exam and there are no any recommendation to follow another subjects in igcse exam except ESL (English as Second Language) on Oktober - November.
And I still remember what Miss Novika says : "When there's a door closed to you, remember still there are thousand doors opened special for you" haha just like in education, igcse isn't everything.

Hihi, once again my special thanks for all of you. Muawh ! I love you from deepest my heart guys :***