Selasa, 03 April 2012

The Future Has Arrived, Mystery of Time Machine

It has passed a few weeks ago, a great movie night of Manta Ray House. So, we as teenagers here have an event named movie night, watch a movie together with all of 10 graders. It is hold every 2 week by every house in Sampoerna Academy. Manta Ray is the sixth house who had a big responsibility to handle the sixth Movie Night. Here, we had a theme "The Future Has Arrived" with the tittle "Mystery Of Time Machine". The philosophy of otr theme means that we ask our friends to be serious but relax, yeah it can be serious enjoyable with our future. We've try so hard to be good Event Organizer, and a big thanks to God who have help us to made our agenda. Here Some photos that my friends and I took it.

They are Manta Ray Born
Manta ray's members from day students, but there's no differences with manta raizer who lived in dorm, we're still one solid family. They were very kind, they're helpful on movie night, I love them much. How lucky manta raizer have them. Thanks Andhita, Ais, Puspita, Belinda, Anggia, Laras, Joenathan, Brillian, Umay, Deni, Luqman and the others who cannot attend to our movie night but have participated. Big thanks, all of you are awesome brothers and sisters  :)

House Performance

So, before we enter the main event, that is watch the movie, we have houses performance first, so another house except Manta Ray or 8 houses as a guests, have to show their compactness and creativity to attract all off students. It can be dancing, singing, or drama.

Dolphin House

Eagle House

 Shark House

Dove House

Lion House

So sorry I cannot upload all of houses performance, because it's not complete. Just 5 houses I post, but all of 8 house was extremely great in their perform. After house performance, we played the movie, and here I have to say sorry (again), I cannot post the photo when we watch the movie, because I do not have any a good photo when the movie session. We played a movie with the tittle "In Time", it's relate with our theme.

Ocha or you may call her ochong as a presenter

Rewards and closing

That's all, sorry it isn't really complete ;;))