Jumat, 09 November 2012

Saturation Point? -_-

Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed…

Hi (again) my beloved stalkers. Hugkiss muawmuawmuaw {} :*By the way, I do write this restless posting on clinic cause I got smallpox hiks. Kaaaayyy, but still, I have to keep this spirit voluptuously. Hap hap !

So, finally this is how I feel. Stay on the creeps place during my school days and unluckily I can’t join 3 exams, Accounting, English and Math. Well this is perfectly tread on toes. During 3 days, I only see my friends going and go back school from a distance, through the clinic's windows and I still need isolation till 4 days again. Moreover, I have nothing to do and don’t have any mood booster at all, that’s totally making saturation current. Ohiya bytheway thousand thanks for my best friends, my classmate, housemate and roommate who has been visited me. Thanks, hope a really get well soon for me :)