Sabtu, 19 November 2011

The Most Crushing Class

Okay, finally I found the most crushing class, just like my classmate when I was in JHS...

Icha (My girlfriend), Iza, Amiro (Uuuuhhh ! How lucky I'm having a friend like you), Zepi, Tami, Sista, Uyuk, Cyntya, Prissy, Azza, Rara (The new student from Malaysia) , Tsabit :P, Safira, Diyant, Novi, Rendra (The greatest student of X-5), Teddy , Fikri, Syeh, Vreegal, Mega (The one who always judge me, haha it's okay, I know it just a joke), Rifqy (The one who always says that I'm too fat), Arka, Brilly, Septian, Awwwww thanks a lot guys, you brought a great atmosphere in our class. I Love all of youuuu so much much and much, keep a great friendship ya ;)