Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Moments of Manta Ray

Second family
Thanks Sampoerna Academy, you gave them to me..

July, 14 2011

*Photosession of 150 Students who got scholarship from Sampoerna Foundation after a great event named Inauguration. Still remember that unforgettable day, fully with meaningful tears from our parents. It was really GREAT day ever

*Members of Manta Ray 10 grader, Dorm n Day students. Actually there's no different between us. We are still one big family
House Meeting
*So, house meeting has been held on independence day of Indonesia. If in another school named with class meeting, different with us, Sampoerna Academy. Here, sense of family is upheld.
*Nicky, Ocha, Me, Hanna and our beloved student advisor, Miss Ria.

Kite Exhibition
* Kite Exhibition also one of many events of Independence day in Sampoerna Academy.

*Me, Puspita, Pipod, Laras, Tiwi, Tami, and Aline

This One ! :D
*I love this moment. All of Manta Ray Members from ten grader till twelve grader together hold the meal. A kind of this moment is "Rujakan", it's a traditional food.

Smandasa's Birthday
*Yeee, Happy 12th birthday my great school 

*Our Offerings, house performance

Wait my another posts about Manta Ray.
Manta Spirit Jos :P