Minggu, 20 November 2011

September, 07 - 2011, What a beautiful day ever :)

A nice moment. The day when I felt the world belong with me. A great 2,5 hours. When every second I can saw a beautiful eyes, someone's face that I really miss, heard meaningful words. Huh every time I remember that day, I realize how close we used to be. Every conversation that have been made me shy. I believe that we're about accomplish something amazing. Since the day, I'm sure distance never separates two hearts that really care. I wish that things were easier for us. 

Haha maybe you will not believe, when I post this article I always wearing the smile that you gave to me, Thanks my special friend, thank you for the memories. You're the person I could never let go of. It's you, its always been you. I hope there are no endings :)