Rabu, 28 Maret 2012


Could you please read this one? ;)
hope with your biggest pleasure

Me, yeah me. I'm speechless. What a nice quotes. Honestly I hate what called  by distance, even though I can not deny that distance has been made me more stronger. But it's hurt when I'm gonna miss someone there in every single second. So, how about my effort? nothing. I just pray to God to keep someone who I love there in a awesome happiness. That's all, it's enough for me.

Long Distance Relationship actually isn't dedicated for those who have distance with boy friend or girl friend only, but also those who have distance with their family and best friends I think ;) Just like what I have to be now. A teenager 16 years old who have to wrestle with all of problematic of world alone. But I do believe with my self that I can stand up all the time. God give stronger spiritual and physical ;)